NSG 5000 Week 3 Discussion Latest


NSG 5000 Week 3 Discussion Latest

NSG5000 Role of the Advanced Practice Nurse

NSG Week 3 Discussion New

Ethical Dilemma

Faculty will lead the discussion by posting first.

After reviewing The Invisible Patients documentary, define/describe in detail an ethical dilemma that was experienced by the NP. Please note, there are several ethical issues, so there should be diversity in the responses.  Explain how you would have handled the situation.

How is the NP in the documentary a Disruptive Innovator?

Discuss if there is a relationship between your personal beliefs and values and this ethical dilemma/barrier.

Describe at least one mechanism to overcome the barrier discussed.

Examine the potential cost and benefits to this barrier.

Remember there is no right or wrong answer for this ethical question. Suggested reference Look at the Nuremburg Code (US Department of Health & Human Services, 2005; Washington, 2012) as it was the major start of ethics in research and that can carry over to nursing practice.

US Department of Health & Human Services. (2005). The Nuremberg code.

Retrieved from http://www.hhs.gov/ohrp/archive/nurcode.html

Note: Review South University’s Online Participation Policy, Helpful Tips, and Late Work Guidelines available by clicking on the South University Policy and Guidelines navigation tab under Course Home. The late policy applies to late discussion question responses.



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NSG 5000 Week 3 Discussion Latest

Perfect NSG 5000 Week 3 Discussion Latest

NSG 5000 Week 3 Discussion Latest

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