NSG 4065 All Week Assignments Latest SU



NSG 4065 All Week Assignments Latest SU

NSG 4065 Week 1 Assignment 3 Latest SU 

Assignment 3: Project Introduction

In a holistic care philosophy, developing a plan that addresses the care of the Whole person is necessary to support health and healing. The holistic caring process utilizes the steps of assessment, identification of patterns/challenges/needs, defining specific outcomes, developing a therapeutic care plan, and implementation and evaluation of the plan. The following aspects of the person should be included in the plan: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual patterns and needs.

Make a case file of a family member, friend, or coworker. This cannot be a patient from your clinical practice. The file should include the following details: initials, age, past and present health status, present concerns, past and present coping patterns, healing beliefs, health values, social support, religious/spiritual practices, and his or her personal health goals.

Write a summary regarding all the aspects of the patient (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual) on the basis of the information you get on compiling the responses.

Post a summary of your experience of this process in a 2-3 page Word document to the W1: Assignment 3 Dropbox.

NSG4 065 Week 2 Assignment 2 Latest SU

Assignment 2: Project Part Two—Patterns/Challenges/Needs

Begin your submission with a short, 1-2 paragraph introduction of your Case Study. Identify one pattern, challenge, or need associated with each parameter of the person you interviewed for your Case Study in Week 1 (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual). Identify rationales for each of the patterns, challenges, or needs . Be sure to address at least four of the seven aspects of the Holistic Care Process discussed in this week’s lecture.

Submit your assignment in a 3-4 page Word document.

NSG 4065 Week 3 Assignment 2 Latest SU

Assignment 2: Project Part Three—Outcomes, Interventions, and Evaluating Criteria

Post your response to the tasks below in a 3-4 page MS Word document to the W3: Assignment 2 Dropbox. Be sure to format your paper according to APA 6th edition style.

1. Review the needs, challenges or problems you identified in your Case Study from last week’s assignment. For each need, challenge or problem identified, provide a desired outcome. Include a supporting rationale for each desired outcome. Outcomes should be stated as SMART goals (specific, measurable, action oriented, realistic, and time limited).

1. List at least one holistic nursing intervention you will use to achieve the outcome for each of the nursing diagnoses listed on your plan. Provide supporting rationale for each chosen intervention. The rationale should include what the intervention will provide for the patient, what level of the person it will address, and how it will assist the patient in achieving the desired outcome.

1. Define the evaluation criteria to track the effectof each of the interventions on the patient’s health and healing process.

NSG 4065 Week 4 Assignment 2 Latest SU

Assignment 2: Choosing a Core Value and Healing vs Curing

Review the core values of holistic nursing listed in the text. Determine which one you personally rank as the most important. Explore this core value further on the Web, in the text, and on the online library. State your rationale of why you see this value as being important for a holistic nurse to incorporate into his or her practice.

Interview 3 people (family, friends, coworkers) according to the following guidelines:

Explain the selected core value  to them in your own words.

Ask them if they think that  this would be an important aspect for a nurse to incorporate into his or  her practice and have them explain why or why not.

Also, review your text and lecture and explore the Web for descriptions of the terms healing and cure. Describe a case from your clinical practice in which there was no cure but there was healing. Describe the details of the healing experienced by the person interviewed.

Post a summary in a 3-4 page Word document to the W4: Assignment 2 Dropbox.

NSG 4065 Week 5 Assignment 2 Latest SU

Assignment 2: Project Summarization

Submit a completed final project, in the form of a scholarly paper, to the W5: Assignment 2 Dropbox.

Discuss the principles of holistic  care and the four principles of the holistic caring process

Discuss the differences in patient  needs when developing a holistic plan of care

Discuss the similarities and  differences between complementary and alternative medicine and western  medicine

Describe the role of nutrition,  exercise, humor and music therapy in complementary and alternative  medicine

Discuss three main barriers to  changing our current healthcare system to a more integrative system of  care


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NSG 4065 All Week Assignments Latest SU


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