NSG 5003 Quiz 1 Study Guide Latest



NSG 5003 Quiz 1 Study Guide Latest

Quiz 1 Study Guide


Describe the following primary modes of chemical signaling:

Hormonal:endocrine cells that secrete chemicals called hormones (e.g., thyroid-stimulating hormone);hormones are released by one set of cells and travel through the tissue and through the bloodstream toproduce a response in other sets of cells

Neurohormonal: hormones (e.g., angiotensin II) are released into the blood by neurosecretoryneurons. Like endocrine cells, neurosecretory neurons release blood-borne chemical messengers,whereas ordinary neurons secrete short-range neurotransmitters into a small, discrete space (i.e.,synapse).

Paracrine: cells secrete local chemical mediators that are quickly absorbed, destroyed, orimmobilized

Autocrine: cells also can produce signals that they, themselves, respond to. Example cancer cells

Neurotransmitter: Neurons communicate directly with the cells they innervate by releasing chemicals orneurotransmitters at specialized junctions called chemical synapses; the neurotransmitter diffuses acrossthe synaptic cleft and acts on the postsynaptic target cell




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